Diving in Tulamben Bali – US Liberty Wreck

The US Liberty Wreck
The US Liberty wreck is an unforgettable shore dive that can be done by divers of all levels. The wreck is close to the beach and is a 120 m long underwater wonder because of the structure itself, the many species of hard and soft corals growing on the hull and the numbers of fish living in- and outside the wreck: barracuda, napoleon wrasse, giant grouper, white tip reef shark, bumphead parrotfish, lionfish, sweetlips, scorpion leaf, stone fish, the eel garden and many more (there are over 400 different species here). We normally make 2 dives here; one outside the wreck and one inside the wreck and there is occasionally a small current.

Batu Kelebit and Alamanda
Two dive sites that will be done with jukung boats out of the bay where we follow a rocky slope with many species of reef fish. Bumphead parrotfish and the octopus can be seen here. On rare occasions the whale shark can be spotted here.

The Tulamben drop off
A shore dive that brings you to a huge group of jackfish. Along the wall there are moray eels, octopus, parrotfish and many different reef fishes. Next to that different kinds of sharks can be seen here and smaller species like stonefish, lionfish, nudibranches and many more. A very nice and easy dive with hardly any current.

Coral Garden
A shore dive with a depth between 2 and 20 m, a favorite site for photographers with beautiful hard and soft corals. Morays, nudibranches, small fish and sometimes the white tip and black tip reef shark.

A boat dive that starts at 5 m with a maximum of 30 m; on the sandy bottom there is a big variety of smaller species such as seahorse, moray eel, ghost pipe fish, sea moth, harlequin shrimps etc. Favorite spot for photographers. Seraya was discovered not too long ago and attracts many divers. It’s a dive that does not require a lot of experience.