Duiken in omgeving Amed

Amed Walls
A boat dive to the Amed Walls. Before reaching the first Amed Wall, we will pass through an area with blue spotted stingrays and an occasional white- or black tip reef shark. Along the Amed Wall you will find beautiful and colorful corals (hard and soft) and a breeding area with thousands of small fish. The maximum depth is around 26 m with an occasional current.

Boatdive to two Jemeluk walls that takes 10 minutes to reach the entry point. We start the dive at the wall passing many barrel sponges. During the dive we will meet a group of batfish, bumpheaded parrotfish and a garden of gorgonias. The max. depth here is 26 m and we might face a little current in the beginning.

The jukung boat brings us to the starting point. A drift dive that begins at a huge eel garden; following the drift and we will see many sorts of coral, lionfish and moray eels. An extraordinary dive for which some experience is needed.

Het Japanse wrak
A shore dive where you can admire the unspoiled hard and soft corals, the many colors and the small wreck itself which is a breeding ground for fish. The Japanese shipwreck lies in shallow water (5 m). Behind the wreck the “real” dive starts and brings you along a slope with barrel sponges, hard corals, hiding moray eels and many other species.

Gili Selang
A small island at the most eastern tip of Bali very near to Amed. A boat dive for more experienced divers because of the currents. In addition to the anemone garden, there is a chance to see turtles, sharks (white tip, black tip and hammerheads) and occasionally the mola-mola.